The 5 Most Popular Sports In Asia

Asia is a pretty big continent. Actually, it is the biggest and the most populated continent of the world. So, its only natural that the people living here to be fans of a lot of different sports. Both team sports and individual ones are very popular in Asia.

European football (or soccer) became extremely popular in almost all Asian countries, during the last few decades. This team sport, born in Great Britain, literally conquered the world. Countries like South Korea, Japan and China developed a real national obsession about soccer. Soccer is a game played by two teams of eleven players each, on a large, rectangular field, about 120 meters long and 90 meters wide. One game lasts 90 minutes and is divided in two 45 minutes rounds. The whole purpose of the game is to put the ball inside the others team goal. A goalkeeper guards the goal. The team that scores more wins the game. Unlike American football, European football (or soccer) restricts a lot physical contacts between players. Its based more on a good control of the ball by the players, being a team sport where serious injuries are very rare. This is why soccer also becomes widely popular among women too.

Cricket, another team sport brought to Asia by the British, is very popular and loved in a lot of countries, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan or Sri Lanka. Cricket is also played by two teams or 11 players, but on an oval field, with a diameter of about 200 meters. In the center of that field is the pitch, where two batsmen stand, waiting for a ball to be delivered by the bowler. If the batsman successfully fits the ball and then he runs to the other end of the pitch, it means that he scored points for his team. The rules of cricket are really complex and there is more than one way for playing this game. However, this is not stopping people from Asia to enjoy cricket and to play it for days. A single game of cricket can sometimes take even five days to be completed.

Table tennis can be played by single players or by teams of tow and its incredibly popular in a lot of Asian countries, like China, South Korea or Vietnam. Table tennis is played over a table with a net in the middle, with small plastic balls, requiring a huge amount of concentration and coordination from the players. The rules are a lot like those of field tennis: every players needs to send back the balls and if they dont succeed doing so the opponent receives points.

Gymnastics is, for decades, extremely popular in Asia, especially in China, but also North or South Korea and other Asian countries. Gymnastics is basically an individual sport, although during big competitions the athletes also compete in teams. Women gymnastics involves four different events: uneven parallel bars, floor exercise, balance beam and vaults. As for men, there are six events: floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar. Each exercise of a gymnast receives point from a jury of specialists and the one that has more points wins a certain competition.

And, of course, this top wouldnt be complete without mentioning old, traditional Asian fighting styles, collectively known as martial arts. There is a wide variety of such traditional sports, specific to certain countries, like kung-fu or wushu in China and karate or sumo in Japan.

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How To Grow Taller Naturally Playing Sports

Most people say that you need to be taller to play sports, not vice versa, which is totally wrong. Being taller than the others also suggests confidence and strength, and many people are faced with various everyday situations when they wish they had a higher stature. In this article I will try to explain how to grow taller playing sports, and which are the sports that have a strong influence on the human growth.
How To Grow Taller Naturally – Swimming

It is oftenly said that swimming is maybe one of the best activities for growing taller. This is entirely true. First of all, when your body is in the water, you avoid the effects that gravity have on your body. This allows the tensions between your vertebrae to be reduced, and the spinal column to stretch. This strengthens the discs between the vertebrae, increasing also their elasticity. Since gravity doesn’t pull your spinal column vertically, it straightens out, releasing all the stress.

Swimming is not only for your spinal column, thought. Using various styles of swimming stretches your entire body, targeting especially the muscles for height growth. The best swimming style that will certainly help you on how to grow taller naturally is the breast stroke. However, you don’t need to force yourself to hard swimming and a 30 minutes swimming session per day is more than enough for a harmonious development of the body.

How To Grow Taller Naturally – Volleyball

Most of the people say that volleyball or basketball don’t make you taller, which is not true. Playing volleyball all your body stretches which stimulates growth. Also, following a nutrition based on proteins and other nutritional supplements when practicing this sport will certainly help you on how to grow taller.

The best version of this sport for growing taller is beach volley. Practicing this sport not only that will allow your entire body, from toe to head to literally stretch, the sun exposure will increase the vitamin D secretion of your body, which also helps human growth by regulating the calcium and phosphorous absorption.

How To Grow Taller Naturally – Cycling

Cycling usually helps the growth of your legs. To stimulate a better growth of your legs while cycling, it is important to ride a bike with a higher seat than it comes comfortable for you. So, if you want to know how to grow taller naturally by cycling, rise your seat up to 5 inches higher than normal. It will be very hard at the beginning to ride like this but it’s one of the best ways to force your legs to stretch and lengthen. A 30 minutes a day session of cycling, even if you use a stationary gym bike is enough, if you want to get taller.

These are just a few of the most common sports, known to help the human body to grow taller. Generally, all the sports that involve movement, not only swimming, volley, sprints or cycling, stimulate the body to produce growth hormones. The high you increase the emission of your growth hormones into your bloodstream, the taller you will be.

hope my article has helped you at least a little in getting the inches you need to inspire more confidence to your friends or team mates, or to be more attractive for the opposite sex.

What Features You Should Look For While Buying Sports Camera

For an avid sports lover or sports photographer, the utmost priority remains getting the finest and fastest sports camera which will let the lens-man capture not only the action in the field, but the adrenaline rush of that very moment. Apart from the torque, quality and hardiness of the sports camera also matter a lot for a pro-sports journalist or sports photographer. Hardiness or robustness is considered as one of the core essential features of a high-speed camera which is supposed to be used in sports, be it motor sports or water sports. Good built is also necessary to withstand the harsh weather or atmosphere of the battlefield.

Now, there are a number of such cameras available in the market like Bullet HD 720p, but what are those important points need to be checked out before you are buying one blindly? While most of the sports cameras promise a thousand words, you must check some definite features which we are going to talk about here in this article.


Waterproofness of the sports cam is crucial for the water sports photographer. You cannot dive into the deep blue sea to shoot a scuba-diving competition with a standard non-waterproof camera. Is not it? A professional level sports cam should be waterproof, just like Bullet HD 720p which claims to be the first waterproof sports camera having World Class IP68 Standard waterproof housing.

Capturing Resolution

You will find almost all the cameras, including the sports camera, nowadays boast of High Definition resolution. Some proudly say that they ensure full HD 1080 or better recording. But it has been traced out that most of them still stick to the 1080i mechanism causing images getting blurred. But cameras incorporated with state-of-the-art features show excellence in capturing the image or happening clearly with their impeccable resolution. Take the example of Bullet HD 720p which features video resolution of 1280×720 @ 30FPS.

Mounting Options

Varied mounting options speak for the versatility of a sports camera. Instead of going for a camera with ancient mounting options, you can go for something like Bullet HD 720p. For example, such a versatile camera often comes with camcorder mount adapter, universal mount adapter, strap mount for helmet, 360 mount for handlebar etc.

A pro sports cameraman cannot just sit in a chair and capture the whole action; rather he acts as a part of the sports by chasing the participants in a bike or swimming in the English Channel side by side the world champions. In such cases, you cannot buy the luxury of carrying a huge camera in your hand. Hence you need something easily mountable on your goggles or your helmet. Sports cams like Bullet HD 720p guarantee such comfort quotients.
Vibrancy resistance

While you are chasing a Formula one champion in one of the fastest bike having the sports camera mounted on your helmet, there is a high possibility that the camera may face heavy vibration. In order to withstand such vibrancy; the camera whether Bullet HD 720p or something else, needs to show good vibrancy resistance so as to fit your bill.